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Death Poems

Our Death Poems contains many of the most read and commented on poems. Great suffering, such as when a loved one dies, drives us to find release and comfort through connecting with others who have experienced what we are going through.

Just reading the stories, poems, poetry, anecdotestributes and inspiration shared by people crazed by a similar grief to ours, can somehow actualize our feelings and bring solace to our grieving souls.

If this has been your recent experience then our heartfelt and sincere condolences to you and your family. It is our sincere hope that you find this comfort which you need.




We have included an Inspirational section and trust you find this inspiration you need.

Death is life's greatest mystery. What happens when our soul leaves our body is the most important question in the world. The answer will affect how we live our lives. The world is plagued with the question of what comes after this. When we are faced with the death of a friend or relative, we are stunned with grief. We don't understand, he was here and now he's not, where did he go? Where does the spirit go? The truth is that our soul knows of its eternal nature. If we ask our souls this question in a real way, we will find that we know that we are made from the stuff of eternity and for eternity. 



Our Services includes Embalming and we have included a section where you will find everything you ever wanted to know about embalming.






We gave included an Inspiration section and trust you will find the inspiration and answers you need during your time of grief and sadness. Death is life's greatest mystery. What happens when our soul leaves...   More


Embalming Information

We have included a section on Embalming...where you will find everything you ever wanted to know about Embalming.   More


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